A typical days fishing


We have approximately 75 miles of river to fish, 3 boats on the upper half and 3 boats on the lower half. During different periods of the year fish will congregate in certain areas of the river.Depending on the season we’ll make the pick-up at the hotel around 08.00 AM, floating different sections of the river through out the week. Since the runs are long enough to hold several anglers, and even if fished from both sides, the river is big enough not to create a crowd.


Lunch will be at the river, supplied by the guide, and drinks will be on-board the drift-boat. Temperatures can reach close to 40C early season.The day ends typically at sundown, so it’ll mean around 8 to 12 hours on the river a day. Dinner will be served at the restaurant around 08.00 PM depending on the season, and the closest bar is in walking distance if one would go out for a drink or two.


Water is primarily fed by a large dam, so air-temperatures does not affect the river as much, specially on the lower half of the river.Mainly we’ll fish wading the bank, while some pools can only be reached by boat, but if you prefer to wade just let the guide know, and he will make sure you get to fish just the way you want.


Remember all rivers in the US are public so therefor other anglers on the banks can be expected, butdue to using drift boats, we can reach spots that’s inaccessible to the normal local “drive and walk”type angler.Fishing is done by barbless single hooks, and catch and release is required until the 15th of October,but still all wild fish must be released.



We take care of pick-up from Spokane international airport, and all transportation along the river will be in boats and guide vehicles.Due to storage of your extra clothes and equipment in the drift boat, a waterproof bag is a MUST, to protect your camera, cell-phone extra clothing etc.


We only work with licensed guides, and have over 20 years guiding experience on the rivers in and around Idaho. Our guides are knowledgeable and professional which we are very proud of. Their passion and love for fly fishing and willingness to share their knowledge is what truly makes them the best around.



We kindly ask all of our clients to wear sunglasses and an appropriate hat for protection against fliesetc.We will supply a regular lifewest, but if you prefer another model like a gas-one, please bring ityour self. There are very few biting insects around the river, so little need for repellant. Sun-protection will most likely be a must. When using driftboats we normally do not get in contact with the hill-sides, but it its rattlesnake country, so if leaving the river-bed caution must follow.

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