Ian Faurot -Guide


My name is Ian Faurot. I learned how to spey cast, swing flies, tie spey flies, and read steelhead water on the Clearwater River while I attended college at The University of Idaho. While guiding fishing, I spend my summer in the heart of Idaho's wilderness, fall in the high desert of the Northwestern U.S., and winter in the rainforest of Washington's Olympic Peninsula. I love keeping an open mind and continuing to learn about swinging flies for steelhead. 


If there were a way to spend more time outside, I would do it. I love fishing because it helps connect me with the underwater world. I earned a bachelors degree in Fisheries Resources, and I found it fascinating to learn how the physical world works from the water up. My philosophy about guiding is as follows: The more people that fall in love with wild steelhead, the more we have on our side fighting for them. The biggest responsibility we have as humans and as anglers is to leave the world in better shape than we found it. 

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