Lady Caroline Step by Step

Instructions on tying one of our favorites, the Lady Caroline. Courtesy of our friend and master tyer, Stuart Foxall.

Wind on your thread onto a nice spey style hook

Tie in some oval gold tinsel to the rear of the shank and flat gold tinsel to the front.

Tie in a golden pheasant breast feather as a tail..

Spin some olive seals fur dubbing onto the thread into a fine rope.

Wind the rope onto the shank to about the rear third of the body.

Tie in the grey spey hackle by the tip (on the original it was heron but I'm using blue eared pheasant here).

Carry on with the olive seals fur dubbing up the rest of the shank

Wrap five turns of gold tinsel in even turns along the body

Wrap the oval gold tinsel in-between the flat gold tinsel in even turns.

Scrub up the seals fur to give it a shaggy look.

Wrap the spey hackle along the shank and tie off at the head. Pull all of the fibres downwards to give us space for the wings to be tied in.

Tie in a golden pheasant breast feather at the head.

Wrap the hackle around the shank and pull the fibres downwards again

Find two matching bronze mallard feathers.


Prepare two slips of the mallard from each feather. 

Moisten the tying in point of each slip at the tying in point with spit. This will lubricate the thread and stop it from pulling the wings out of position.


Tie in the second set of slips over the top of the first. This will give you a much stronger wing for fishing with that won't slip.

Snip off the butt ends of the mallard and whip finish the head....then varnish.

If the wing is tied correctly you should have a keel shaped wing like the underside of a boat. This will make the fly fish correctly in the water

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