Fall Water Forecast

We have had some justified questions lately about water levels for the fall on the Clearwater. Drought is all over the news. Will the Clearwater have water?

The short answer is: Yes.

Below is the NWRFC 120 day forecast for the Clearwater. Although lower than normal, everything is within normal variations.

Will it be lower than last year? Most likely. Will that be a problem? Not likely.

We are blessed with a river that flows clear and clean. And thanks to a bottom draw dam and regulated summer flowsthe temp stays in the low 50 degree range all summer...happy steelhead.

2012 was a low water year like this. Last year the water was low and then it didn't stop raining through the last half of October and into November and we had high water. This year? We shall see. The fish will be here regardless!

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