Clearwater River steelhead flies can range from very small sparse wet flies to big bushy dries and even large Intruder type patterns in the Winter. Most people prefer somewhere around a size 6. Green Butt Skunks, Lady Carolines, and Purple Peril's are all good starting points. Generally sizes will be 2-4-6 but also bring some smaller 8 and 10's. Some of our favorites are below.


And here is an amazing Step by Step tutorial of the Lady Caroline by our friend Stuart Foxall. 

Green Butt Skunk

The Brazillian (Adam's Favorite)

Streetwalker (another of Adam's favorites)

Randy's Candy ( Klaus Frimor)

Two of Zack's Favorites:


Green Ant (Top) & Night Dancer

(For more info look up these great patterns in Trey Comb's book "Steelhead Fly Fishing"

Grey Heron variant (Klaus' version of this classic.)

Foam Waker and Muddler Minnow

More small sparse hair-wings.

(Zack Williams)

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