Klaus Frimor


Co-Owner & Salesmanager


Since the age of 5, fishing has dominated his life. Klaus grew up in the western part of Jutland Denmark, where, in the beginning, smaller lakes and streams were the target for his adventures. Later on, Sweden and Norway became his primary interest, and fly-fishing for trout, salmon, and pike dominated his life.At the age of 19 he volunteered to join the army and requested to serve at a NATO airbase in Denmark, being that the best seat rout river ran through that air-base. After finishing his service, Klaus dived into the tackle-business; working for the largest fly-fishing retailer in Denmark until 1998. During the 5 years he was employed at the shop, he created a foundation for his future career in the fly-fishing industry. He met the legendary fly-caster Göran Andersson from Sweden, who took him under his wing and taught him the skills which would guide him to even larger adventures and pursuits. Years in the retail side of the business nurtured his interest of both fly casting and product development, and as his contact base grew more extensive, he was offered a position as a fishing guide on the mythical Salmon Rivers of Iceland. His experience on these rivers solidified his devotion to fly-fishing. Klaus has spent the last ten summers in Iceland guiding and conducting casting clinics and fishing schools for clients from all over the world.Parallel to his life in Iceland, Klaus spends the winters at the world famous Tierra Del Fuego region, guiding for Sea Trout and also working as the Camp Manager and host for one of the world renowned Lodges there. Spending almost 12 months a year on or near a river in some of the most pristine and well known fly-fishing areas in the world, has given Klaus unique knowledge of fishing and operational management. He has played a key role in the R&D department for well-known Scandinavian tackle companies, and today he is involved in rod and line design for Loop Tackle Design. His work and passion has taken him to countries like; Iceland, Cuba, Chile, Argentina, the US and Canada, where he has been a popular lecturer, fly-casting teacher and a head liner at many Spey Claves and shows around the world. He has also appeared in several fly-fishing films.Klaus was probably the first foreigner to fly-fish Lago Strobel (also known as Jurassic-lake) in Argentina, catching king salmon on a flyrod in Rio Serrano (Chile) or Rio Catarina in Argentina, places few people had heard of and even fewer have fished.

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