Getting your First Dry Fly Steelhead

Clearwater steelhead are some of if not the most surface oriented steelhead in the world. If your goal is to get a dry fly steelhead, we are here to help.

Steps to getting your first on a dry:

1. As my friend Travis Johnson says, "If you want to catch a steelhead on a dry fly, tie one on and don't take it off til you've caught one."

2. Look for undisturbed water. Early and late are great times, but all day is great when the fishing pressure is low.

3. Try twitching the fly. A soft consistent twitch creates a surface disturbance that drives fish wild.

4. Be ready when the times comes. Don't take your eye off the fly. Be mentally prepared for the eat, and ready to let them take it down without yanking the fly from their mouth. I like to set the hook, unlike with a wet, but wait for the fly to disappear and stay down before making a move.

5. Keep the faith. It will happen.

The more I fish the dry, the more confident I become that they will work as well as a wet in most all conditions.

A dry fly fish taken in 37 degree water.

A couple of productive foam wakers tied on tubes and muddler minnows which can be a great dry when "riffle hitched."

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