Weekly schedule


Fishing will start Sunday morning, after we have set up tackle Saturday evening.Your guide will pick you up at the hotel app. 08.00 AM (dependning on the season) and take you to the section of the river you will be fishing each day.We will try to vary your ”floats” in order for you to see as much of the river, and create a varied fishing week for you, but we will not compromise on the fact we're all here to have the best steelhead fishing possible.


A typical float will be 6-8 miles, depending on which section you will be fishing, to have enough runs (pools) to fish.

Remember to bring a singlehanded rod with a floating line #7-9 in case you wanna try to ”nymph” a steelhead or the fish are active chasing ”october caddis” a great opportunity to ”skate” a steelhead. The following Saturday the shuttle will leave back for the Spokane International Airport, depending on your flight schedule. All have to leave on the same shuttle though.


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